Safety Tip: What ever goes up must come down

About T.P.A.C

Motto: Aimed at Excellence

Vision: To continuously deliver the highest standard of archery instruction to all archers, while promoting peace, wellness and understanding through sport.

Mission Statement: To promote the Olympic sport of Target Archery, through national outreach using the most modern training techniques.

The Tobago Precision Archery Club offers archery lessons and courses to meet every need, from the student archer, Olympic athlete and the recreational shooter. From your very first time at TPAC, you will learn archery etiquette and safety while beginning to develop your shooting form and having fun shooting arrows.

Training: At TPAC, we offer comprehensive training in the sport of archery. We provide step-by-step instruction in a supportive class environment for beginners, intermediate and advance archers.

Courses and Lessons:
Introduction to Archery: All equipment provided, ages 5 and up, (Duration 2 hours)
Beginners Archery Course: All equipment provided, ages 5 and up (Duration 4 weeks)
Olympic Archery in Schools Programme Age: 9 to 21. (Duration 3 months)
Have fun with the whole family

Age Requirement: Five (5) years and up.

Safety: At TPAC your safety is our main concern. All of our instructors are trained and certified by the (TTTAF) and have years of experience working with both adults and youths of all skill level.